Satellite Networks



Expeditionary and Tactical ground terminals for Humanitarian, Oil/Gas and Military applications.  These systems range from handheld devices to modular tripod and vehicle mounted antennas.

Aeronautical - Aircraft


Raven's Engineers have extensive experience in the installation and integration of various aircraft satellite antennas on multiple air frame types.  This includes systems using the L, Ku, Ka and X bands providing 2Mbs or more of data throughput.

Aeronautical - UAV BLOS


Satellite antennas for UAVs (drones) enable Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity.  Raven have proven connectivity models for secure, robust data links of up to 512Kbs, providing the ability to transmit (and receive) telemetry and high definition full motion video and other sensor data from a small to medium size UAV. 

Terrestrial connectivity


At Raven we don't just provide the end point equipment, we can also design and implement point to point solutions enabling all satellite data to be delivered wherever the customer requires terrestrially.  This increases security as well as quality of service.

Systems integration


Our Aeronautical experience allows us to provide advice on the integration of aircraft systems and sensors that require a data links to operators anywhere on the planet. These systems can be used for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) roles.

Aeronautical - Modem Equipment


Where possible aircraft grade, certified equipment is used.  Modem equipment and routers allow connectivity to data and voice services for operators working from the aircraft.

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